A message from Marielle

Thank you, Arlene.  As a result of your request to find a vision document I had sent you waaaay back when, I happened upon some visioning that I did years ago.  It’s focus: my manifesto of sorts, regarding the creation of this organization and what I envisioned would be the foundation for the events we produce.

I decided to share it here, as a reminder to myself, and a beacon of inspiration for those who visit so they might join us in building this organization.  Also, it’s to provide a little more background to what it means to both attend and volunteer for the Weekend itself.  I am grateful to all who have supported me over the last 12 years to continue building the YWDS.  You have kept me inspired to stay true to my heart and  and to move forward in holding the Weekends.

We are dedicated to creating an incredible and empowering event for all involved. The Discovery Experience is a safe, dynamic and creative space where girls and women are able to really look deep within, see themselves in a new light and discover what makes them who they are. It is a transformative event where the young women are given the opportunity to both lead and follow in a truly self-directed process.

We are only the facilitators in this ever changing process. Each weekend is different because every group is made up of new and dynamic young women. The agenda tends to have an outline and focus, but in truth the girls drive where the weekend goes. And it is always an incredible experience for all involved.

We hope to instill confidence, trust, self-care, self-acceptance, leadership and whatever else the girls come to the weekend for. Self-awareness is the greatest gift and we are inspired to shed some light so they may find themselves.

2 thoughts on “A message from Marielle

  1. Hello
    I’d love to speak with someone about this weekend and your education components around sexuality and sexual health.
    I was passed your website by Verena Gibbs.

    I hope to hear from you soon

  2. Hello Julia,
    Thank you for your request. I will email you directly so we can have a phone conversation.
    With gratitude,

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