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Do we ever see the truth?

I saw this clip on YouTube recently and, once again, the message and information shook me.  It reiterates the reason why the YWDS is doing what we do…. Continue Reading

Girls & Mentorship – thanks to

Just found this awesome short video by Erica Ehm and the YummyMummyClub that offers some great wisdom to all young women (and adults too!) about living life.  We, too, believe that mentorship and coaching is an important way for girls to be in conversation about not only their future, but their present moment. … Continue Reading

The benefits of being alone

As a teen I remember a strange pull between the need to be with my friends all the time and the need to be alone.  While I got the impression that being alone was deemed by society as a “bad” thing, or something to avoid – some of my most cherished moments were by myself. … Continue Reading