Who are the Participants?

Every young woman who wants to discover more about themselves is invited to join us. You are the world’s trailblazers – future leaders, diplomats, care givers, politicians, scientists, homemakers, professional athletes, teachers, and much much more.

You are conscious of the fact that changes need to happen. You have a desire to make a difference and learn more about who you are.

Who are the Female Volunteers/Facilitators?

“We are women from all walks of life who wish to make a difference in young women’s lives.”

We believe that young women deserve the space to be seen and heard.  A place where they can embrace and experience all that makes them who they are. We know that this generation experiences a life full of challenges that we, as adults, may not fully comprehend.  However, there exists a common connection, a thread between all women, that bonds and strengthens us. Our goal is to listen to the girls, and to help guide and nourish their dreams. We offer them coaching and encouragement to help build confidence so they are prepared to create a legacy of their own.

Are there any Male Volunteers/Facilitators?

There is currently one male member of the board.  We also have volunteers that participate in the workshops in different capacities. We invite male volunteers to donate supplies, time and support. For information please contact Jason Smith.

ALL the Facilitators and Volunteers believe that Relationships, Family, and Community are the cornerstones of a healthy, thriving society.

How is the Society Funded?

Our organization is a registered not-for-profit society in BC.  The events and weekends are produced with generous financial support from many individuals and corporations.  All funds are directed to offering financial assistance for girls to attend the weekend and towards the expense costs to produce the events.

What can I do?

Your donation of volunteer time, materials, or financial donation is an investment in the future of young women and the lives they will touch.

Ways to help and contribute:

  • Sponsor a young woman who would like to attend ($150)
  • Make a financial donation to our Society
  • Volunteer with us!!
  • Donate materials (paper, pens, magazines, art supplies, poster board…)
  • Donate food or gift cards/certificates for food and supplies
  • Become a supporter of the Society (ie. help with fundraising and community outreach, become a “Friend of the Discovery Society” through a yearly $25 membership)
  • Offer/donate an event site for us to use
  • Anything you would like to give!

For further information, please contact us: info@discoveryweekend.ca