How to Help


Your financial support helps girls in many ways. First and foremost financial donations support families to afford the tuition and provides an opportunity to attend workshops.  We also use donations for supplies, food and other items to run the Society and it’s programs.  The self-esteem and efficacy of young women is dependent on the space the world can offer them to be seen and heard, without judgment or scrutiny.  It is our goal to use your donations wisely so that the Young Women’s Discovery Society continues to create programs for girls to find their voice and power. We are a not-for-profit Society registered in British Columbia.  Thank you for your continued support.

Feel free to email your questions.


The Young Women’s Discovery Society (YWDS) is managed by a Board of Directors, who volunteer to create and provide an opportunity for young women to become inspired and live authentic lives.

The statement we hear most from volunteers:

“I wish I had something like this when I was a teen.”

Being a volunteer is not just about the ‘doing’. We are in service to make a different in the lives of everyone we connect with.  It’s about being present for the workshops – before, during and after – and immersing yourself in your own journey of healing your past.  You, too, make a difference in the world.

We invite you to apply to volunteer with us for the upcoming October 2016 Young Women’s Power Journey and beyond!